Trans people are organizing a walkout at Netflix to protest the — no, wait, don’t click away to a story about the kidney thing!!

Reader: This is a post about the single biggest media news story of October, 2021. …

Yes, people are overusing self-help language on TikTok and Twitter. They’re asking for help the best way they can.

Here we are, standing at the edge of our second pandemic winter. The globe is warming, the plague is mutating, and everyone I know is at the edge of one spiritual abyss or another. …


In a time of mass unwitnessed death, I hang out in cemeteries. It’s more comforting than you’d think.

A cemetery. It’s not that spooky, really.

I’ve been sitting out in cemeteries lately. It’s not an affectation. I knew someone, once, who was followed by Death; their partner died, and then one of their parents, and then another parent not long after. Grief became their ordinary condition. They’d go to cemeteries on their lunch hour. Not…

A new documentary about the Black feminist icon shows us how trans people are erased from movements they built.

The gate of Pauli Murray College at Yale University.

There’s a moment late in My Name is Pauli Murray, Julie Cohen and Betsy West’s documentary about the life of the civil rights icon, that made me gasp. …

Each of these facts is attracted both to its own gender and to other genders. Let them inform you.

Someone with rainbow flags in their sunglasses. Maybe they’re looking for the bi flag, which is not on Unsplash.

Welcome to Bisexual Awareness Week! It’s halfway over. …

What body horror has to teach us about a world without Roe v. Wade.

A naked body in the dark. Sort of like “Under the Skin,” but with ripped shoulder muscles.

I cover politics, but I write body horror. Nearly every topic I’ve spent serious time on over the past twelve years — sexual violence, abortion rights, trans rights — centers on bodily sovereignty or the fear of losing it. …

One of the landmark achievements of the 20th century was killed off by public apathy. It won’t be the last right we lose.

Courthouse at sunset. I don’t have one in the dead of night, which is when this actually happened.

I was asleep when the United States of America lost Roe v. Wade. It happened overnight, in a decision so casual that it barely deserved the name. The state of Texas had instituted a six-week abortion ban and the Supreme Court had until midnight to strike it down. They declined.

A self-proclaimed supporter of trans kids took a job “reducing stigma” around pedophilia. Even “allies” can be unsafe.

There’s something strange about my memories of adolescence. I call it the black hole. Most years of my life are easy to explain. I know where they started and ended. I have a narrative. Somewhere around middle school, the narrative breaks down. I have shards, a bunch of little moments…

The official rules— “whatever works” — are not helpful. Here’s what I learned about doing things that scare me.

A young woman on the floor of a bookstore, paging through a comic book. She seems cool.

My comic book, Maw, is one of the few pieces of writing I’ve done that actively felt inspired. The whole story seemed to have been handed to me by some outside source. I had been invited to pitch Boom! Studios in spring of 2019, and I had worked up a…

Therapist Pauline Boss explains why it’s harder to grieve in the face of uncertainty—and why ambiguous loss is everywhere in 2021

A man drinks coffee alone and stares out his window. It’s about as fun as you’d think.

I spent most of the pandemic grieving, though, at the time, I didn’t think I was sad about the pandemic itself. Everyone around me seemed to have specific losses. Their loved ones had died, or they had long Covid. They had friends they couldn’t see or jobs they’d lost. I…

Jude Ellison S. Doyle

Author of “Trainwreck” (Melville House, ‘16) and “Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers” (Melville House, ‘19). Columns published far and wide across the Internet.

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