The Mumsnet Trap

British TERFs recruit by lying to women on the verge of a breakthrough. It’s happening here, too.

A woman sits at a laptop, gazing down at her baby, who’s on the floor next to her. She seems irritated.
Watch out, Little Timmy, shit’s about to get weird. Photo by Standsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash.

These women log on in moments of extreme physical and emotional vulnerability, looking for answers, and inevitably, someone shows up to give them the wrong ones.

Trans people are presented as a group of bigots out to hurt marginalized people, rather than a group of marginalized people who are being hurt.

Author of “Trainwreck” (Melville House, ‘16) and “Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers” (Melville House, ‘19). Columns published far and wide across the Internet.

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